Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Anti-Aging Vitamins are real!

Anti-aging vitamins are those that help reduce the cellular breakdown. We all know that vitamins are obtained from the foods we eat. But, is the food we eat really giving us the vitamins we need in our diets? What is the nutritional value of our food? The refining and process of our foods has decreased the nutritional value of our foods. So how can we get the real anti-aging vitamins? Supplementation is the way many adults get much of if not all of the minimum recommended dosages.

Let's see what the media and Hollywood tells us about anti-aging. In the movie "Big", Tom Hanks' character wished he could be big. In the movie "13 going on 30" there is a similar premise of getting bigger in a short period of time thus avoiding the many mistakes and experiences of childhood.

These Hollywood stories show adults skipping over their youth while the actors and actresses attempt to minimize the aging process and retain their youthful appearances. Plastic surgery is their anti-aging "vitamin". The American public is also intrigued by the anti-aging process and anti-aging vitamins. However, with a diet of anti-aging vitamins you can actually reduce the effects of aging! Anti-aging may be more simple than plastic surgery!

Our body's cells die at a faster rate than new cells can be generated, thus the aging process. Poor diets cause inadequate nutrition which then results in premature aging, destruction and increased potential for chronic diseases, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. Clearly an anti-aging vitamin or vitamins is needed. Can it exist in an anti-aging vitamin?

They are here and they are very real. Ask me and I'll explain more!

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