Friday, June 8, 2007

Want To Know How To Look Younger? Read On To Find Out About Anti-Aging Vitamins!

The lifestyle of most Americans is to blame for premature aging skin, skin disorders, and aging diseases. We no longer believe in miracle creams or eternal youth, but we have found the nutrients we can ingest that will slow and reverse some of the damage to our skin.

Most adults nowadays are under constant stress in their lifestyle and eat a diet that contains too many processed and refined foods. We can also add the environmental factors like UV radiation and pollution to the list of items that damage our skin. These elements contribute to the aging process by bombarding us with free radicals. Free radicals have been shown to be a major contributing factor to the aging process. They damage the skin by attacking at the cellular level within our bodies.

In fact, the oxidation of cells is part of the natural process of cell activity. Our body does have a defense mechanism that is able to neutralize oxidized cells. The body’s cells can handle the normal cellular activity of this oxidation but it cannot handle all the extra free radicals cause by our lifestyles. Therefore the extra free radicals in the cells cause ill health, degenerative diseases, and toxicity. To help neutralize the free radicals it is strongly suggested that we supplement our diets with antioxidants. In fact nutrition is “the best” basis for a healthy body and therefore anti aging.